Wieso sind die besten Mathewitze auf englisch?

  1. 2 is the oddest prime.
  2. Radiants are rad.
  3. As everyone knows, Noah built an arc. Here is some additional information about what happened when the animals were getting off… Now, the world was pretty well empty of land creatures, so Noah gave all of the animals instructions as they departed. To the Aardvarks, he commanded, „Go forth and multiply!“ A couple snakes came slithering out, and he commanded, „Go forth and multiply!“ „We can’t, we’re adders.“ replied the snakes. Well Noah kept giving commands, until at last he told the zebras, „Go forth and multiply!“ A while later he was walking around and stepped over a fallen tree. There were those snakes, well, er… multiplying. „I thought you said you couldn’t multiply?“ asked Noah. „By LOGS we can!“ replied the adders.

2 Responses to Witze

  1. Herr Rau sagt:

    Sagt die 0 zur 8: schicker Gürtel.

  2. Inu sagt:

    und latürnich: Why is 6 afraid of 7? Because 7 ate 9.

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